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"Truly a tremendous amount of practical knowledge is presented in the four (4) sessions. It was useful to learn not only from Lou and Bryan, but to also learn from those attending the sessions - very interactive and effective!"
-R.M., Harris and Associates

Great Training for Beginning, Intermediate & Seasoned Recruiters

The challenges facing recruiters are increasing at a rapid pace. Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters will help you meet these new challenges head-on by providing the latest tools, techniques, and ideas on what it takes to hire top people.

Designed for both corporate and third-party recruiters, Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters will teach you the skills and techniques to source, assess, and recruit top active and passive candidates. You'll be able to apply these principles on your next search assignment.

What You'll Learn

  • How to find and hire more top people faster
  • Big time savings - become 100% to 200% faster at closing searches
  • Prevent "moving job spec syndrome" or, how to stop doing searches over again
  • Find out how the Theory of Recruiting affects your performance
  • Discover why applicant control is so important
  • Learn why you must apply the Rule of Persistence to everything you do
  • Learn how to negotiate offers without giving away the farm
  • Become a partner with your hiring manager clients
  • Discover the five things all top recruiters do on every search
  • Learn how to convert cold passive candidates into hot leads
  • Learn how to find top "less active" candidates overnight
  • Maximize candidate quality while reducing cost and time to hire

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What You'll Receive

    • 1 year of 24/7 Access to our Resource Portal:

eLearning Center

Which includes:

  • Access to the Recruiter eHandbook
  • Recorded versions of each course module
  • Comprehensive program workbooks with samples, notes, and invaluable hiring and recruiting tips
  • Sample performance profiles
  • The Performance-based Hiring Kit
  • The 8-step Performance-based Interview
  • The Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard
  • A copy of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired
  • Online access to the 60-minute MP3, Using the Basic One-Question Performance-based interview
  • Laminated and pocket-sized Performance-based Hiring Hot Tips cards
  • Come back as often as you'd like for 12 months following the course
  • Become a certified Performance-based Hiring recruiter
  • The ability to audit the course for free any time for 12 months

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