Last year I was asked to prepare a series of videos for a major job board covering all aspects of getting another job. They killed the program when I suggested that no more than 20% of a person’s time should be spent responding to their online job postings.

Over the past year I’ve put some of these videos on YouTube. Here’s the introduction to the whole program and here’s one I recently put on LinkedIn on how to work with recruiters. The following is one of three segments on how to prep for the interview. It describes how to answer any question using the SAFW technique, aka, Say A Few Words. If you’ve ever stumbled around for an answer to a question you’ll embrace every word in this video. If you talk too much you’ll discover why you’re not getting as many job offers as you should.

For more on prepping for the interview here’s the written version of this technique.

If you’re not getting enough interviews you can expand your efforts by increasing your networking efforts. This post describes how to become a more effective networker and why it’s the key to finding better jobs. Of course, getting interviewed is not the same as getting the job, but it’s the first essential step.


Lou Adler (@LouA) is the CEO of The Adler Group, a consulting and training firm helping companies implement Performance-based Hiring. He’s also a regular columnist for Inc. Magazine and BusinessInsider. His latest book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired (Workbench, 2013), provides hands-on advice for job-seekers, hiring managers and recruiters on how to find the best job and hire the best people. You can continue the conversation on LinkedIn’s Essential Guide for Hiring Discussion Group.